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Runs on free energy from the sun

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67m³ solar balloon seen from below


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Van equipped with solar panels

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Solar panels side view Top view solar panels

Equipped with 3 solar panels and 1 battery, the van is energy self-sufficient for recharging battery-powered equipment or even the use of 230V fans allowing the inflation of all types of solar balloons. Below is a description of the materials used.
3 flexible solar panels with a thickness of only 2mm. Power 165W peak. Flexible solar panel
Charge controller 1 charge controller. It adapts to the battery charge level and reduces the power injected at the end of charging.
1 truck battery 12V - 1150A - 225Ah. I do not recommend the truck battery because it does not allow deep discharge. Battery 12V
Converter 12V/230V 1200W 1 converter 12V/230V - 1200W.

Use for solar balloon activity

Hand fan 3.6m³ solar balloon inflation. Battery recharge. Battery powered floor fan 10m³ solar balloon inflation. Battery recharge. Floor fan 230V 67m³ solar balloon inflation. 230V power supply. Fan 230V 350W 1420m³ Solar balloon inflation. 230V power supply.


3D design Catia V5 Dassault Systèmes

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Solar airship

3 solar balloons


1st human flight in history in 1783, by the Montgolfier brothers

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